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Bloom Energy Server – Energy Independence Built in the USA

In America’s quest for green energy and the Obama call for entrepreneurship in the development of clean, inexpensive energy all the focus has been on vilifying big business and big oil. The Obama administration is steadily blocking oil companies from drilling and producing domestically “necessarily” forcing energy costs to rise. There is one technology that could go a long way to solving a major energy sector’s problem as long as it isn’t killed or covered up.

What if you could purchase a refrigerator-sized unit that would sit outside your home and produce all the electricity that your entire home needed? That the unit would run silently churning out electricity maintenance free for years. That the unit would run 24 hours per day 365 days a year for pennies a day. That any excess electricity that your personal energy unit produced would go back into the already overtaxed power grid earning revenue to offset your operating costs. You might assume that unit to be solar or wind powered or a combination of both – but you’d be wrong. Enter the Bloom Energy Server.

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