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End Corporate Welfare – Big Oil Subsidies, Tax Loop Holes, No-Bid Contracts

Conservative political figures tout, “Corporation’s health is the key to economic recovery”.

The American people are confused by this statement. “Either we are going to go down the path of economic destruction at the hands of those who promote Social Justice or we relax tax implications on corporations  so they can expand, create jobs  and recovery will begin”, bark the Republicans. Mostly, the conservative approach is correct. Economic growth is a product of the free market not corporate welfare…as long as they re-invest and we get control of our export markets both dollar exports, and product exports.

We have seen the effect of “free money” on coporations in an economic downturn. Banks were “gifted billions” and a large portion of that stimulus was “offshored” to banks outside the US and the American taxpayer was left with the bill, not to mention big bonuses to management – rewards for bad behavior.  Big banks hoarded the cash that was supposed to ease businesses access to short and long term loans, to promote capital expansion, but the money stayed in the hands of Banks and Wall Street.

Fitting the same mold are the oil companies.  Tax payers provide the stimilus in the way of subsidies, tax incentives, and public land for drilling and exploration.  The oil companies in turn CREATE shortages, export domestic production and enjoy record profits all while claiming it the global market’s fault for high gasoline prices.  I said record Profits.  That’s the dollars that are left over after paying all your operating expenses…pure profit!  The oil companies make about 15% to 25% per barrel.  That is profit right off the top of the barrel price.  They make their margins before the crude is even refined or even touched!  How can you lose money when you are just acting as a broker in the deal?

So what is the answer?  True Government downsizing.  We have to collectively throw out all the establishment players – all of them.  There is little or no difference between the parties.  They are two sides of the same coin.  We have to take back America, and whom ever is elected to the Whitehouse needs to know that we the people are watching.  Get organized today.  Join your local “Tea Party” chapter and get involved.

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