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Congress Has Made Themselves Irrelevant

They have allowed the Administration to take alot more of their power away…again. It’s no surprise that the change in the house has not made much of a difference. The new speaker has failed to live up to expectations of the main stream American people and this next election it may become immediately clear to the Republicans. We are tired of the empty promises. The American people have spoken and we extended them, the Repubican party, one more chance to get it right and again they dissapointed us. We need to push for term limits and campaign reform. The Congress needs to be cleaned out and given back to the people not the lawyers who are in there now. We need farmers, electricians, carpenters, and office workers to fill those positions…we are tired of lawyers running the show. They have proven their inability to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States. Let’s fire ‘em all and start over.

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