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Anthony Weiner – Symptom of a Morally Bankrupt America

America is facing a crisis on two fronts. One is financial bankruptcy and the other, just as serious, is moral bankruptcy. I believe there is a direct corrolation between the two, corruption and greed. The love of money and power, the idea that serving the people has become self serving. Anthony Weiner’s behavior is just a symptom of the problem. Many Americans have become desensitized, finding Mr. Weiner’s story mildly entertaining instead of abhorring. Even more amazing is that 56% of his constituents don’t want him to resign….yet another symptom of the deterioration of our morality.
WE THE PEOPLE must hold our government officials accountable by:

  • Make lobbying illegal
  • Term limits
  • Publically financed elections

What’s happened to our moral compass as a Nation? What happened to judging a man on the content of his character? Does New York even know what character is anymore? When a public official is corrupted by greed and power they begin to feel entitled. This entitlment mentality has led to Mr. Weiner’s denials, his lying, his degenerate behavior and arrogance. We should as a nation, hold our elected officials to a higher moral standard. America is this the kind of representation you find acceptable? Apparently New Yorkers in Mr. Weiner’s Congressional District think so.

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