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Samsung Galaxy Light One Good Cheap SmartPhone

Galaxy Light – Good Cheap SmartPhone

I don’t normally write reviews at least on cell phones but there is this deal that I had toChristian friends on share.  My wife has been somewhat reluctant to move into the smartphone arena – reluctant is an understatement;  I had to drag her kicking and screaming into the 21st century.  She had been completely satisfied with her Nokia flip phone and her “Circle of 5″ calling plan with T-Mobile.  She has been a faithful T-Mobile subscriber for an awfully long time.  She could have chosen a lot worse.  They at least have dependable network.  I had issues with her staying on her current plan and flip phone.  There were three strong reasons for moving ahead and embracing the smartphone realm.

  • Circle of 5 Calling Plan – Call only 5 people unlimited? Prehistoric!
  • Nokia flip phone’s age – it was over 6 years old. No QWERTY keyboard.
  • Switching to a smartphone saved around $10/month. It was a no brainer.

That’s why I persuaded her to give up the flip phone and get off the “Circle of 5 plan” to a new more affordable T-Mobile calling plan that had a lot more to offer.

So I began searching for a phone that I could buy outright and wouldn’t break my budget. I wanted to stay with an Android based OS because I am most familiar with Android so I could offer a little technical support as she learned the features. I discovered the Galaxy Light while searching Google for inexpensive Samsung smartphones. I was astonished at the positive reviews that this little powerhouse of a phone was getting. It had been overshadowed by the release of the Galaxy 4 then the new Galaxy 5 and was kind of pushed to the back of the smartphone group.

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I came across a comment on a review of the phone and while reading that comment the author mentioned the low cost, little known, $40/month starter plan that was offered by T-Mobile – it was settled; that was the right way to go. I knew that the Galaxy Light could be unlocked easily and used on AT&T, Straight Talk or even GSM if the need arose so to read about this starter plan that provided unlimited talk, unlimited text, and 500MB of data with a cap so there are no overage fees if you use too much data – I was sold. I ordered the Galaxy Light off for $119 + taxes and shipping (around $150 total) and a $3 rubberized case.

It took about 4 days to receive the phone and another 3-4 days for the case. The phone came in an unopened Samsung for T-Mobile box with some accessories. My wife decided that she would play with the phone in WiFi mode until the case arrived and then we would go to T-Mobile and have her current number ported over and sign up for the new calling plan. The young man at the T-Mobile store was extremely helpful and in no time the new phone was active. No waiting for the number to propagate it was instantaneous. It may have been that since the number was already registered through T-Mobile it was a particularly fast activation. We were surprised that the total was approximately $43.38/month. We lowered her cell bill, gave her a whole new host of additional features and owned the phone outright all without signing a long term contract.

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It has been great for her. She has really taken to the phone very easily. With the availability of WiFi these days I don’t think we will ever out grow the 500MB limit. She has had the service and the phone for almost a month now and she has used 2.1MB out of her 500MB limit so far. As for the Galaxy Light phone, she loves it. She frequently sends me texts during the day which is nice because I work around a lot of noisy equipment and short texts for just, “checking how your day is going”, is a nice “pick me-up” to help get me through the day.  It is nice to have my wife living “among the texting”.

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America Online – a Nostalgic Look Back to the Internet 1.0

I was recently pleasantly reminded of the early days of the internet when a friend casually mentioned America Online. That familiar name sent me flashing back to the days of dial up modems and busy signals. I wondered what had become of the largest “walled garden” internet platform. A little research on the internet yielded some very interesting facts that I did not realize.

AOL grew from the gaming industry among forgotten giants from the likes of Atari, Commodore Computer, and little known at the time Apple computer. AOL was at that time operating as Control Video Corporation which sought to offer a radical idea to the gaming industry. The technology that CVC was attempting to get the online gaming console manufacturers to invest in was an online game portal where users would pay to play online games. Games would be available to download into their gaming console, played and then when the console was powered down the download would be dumped and the customer re-billed if the same game was downloaded in the future. Imagine that, a technology centered around a gaming console and online games – how preposterous. How on earth would that ever prove to be a money-maker.

In early 1991 AOL for DOS was rolled out. In 1992 AOL for Windows 3.1 and Apple was released and gave us that look and feel of the familiar AOL interface. That traditional interface with its’ comforting and consoling
“Welcome, You’ve Got Mail”

Play – AOL Welcome

became ingrained into our culture. These were signs of the arrival of a new form of entertainment and information – the official arrival of the internet for the general public. The online bulletin boards (BBSs) that were once only available to the geeks now were opened to a hungry public. Thanks to the AOLs, Compuservs, and Prodigys the internet as we now know it had arrived.

There are still a few who connect to the internet by dial up. For those of us have become accustomed to high speed connections and smart phones that connect easily and routinely to the internet it is nice to reflect and see that the vision of the internet’s designers was way back then – it is truly a small world after all. If you are ever curious or wanted a walk down memory lane AOL still makes that traditional connection interface available for free download. Within that “walled garden”, familiar interface you will still find those comforting log on welcoming messages, “Welcome, You’ve Got Mail”.

The Interface of AOL’s Ver 9.7 Desktop still looks quite the same

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