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More Attacks By GOP Establishment Partisans on Trump Campaign

Corey Lewandowski, the campaign manager for Donald J. Trump, was interviewed by Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday this morning. While most media outlets consider the “Battery Charge” levied against Mr. Lewandowski by Michelle Fields, a former Brietbart reporter, all but dead news Wallace proceeded to question Lewandowski about the incident, in a out of line attempt to revive the now dismissed charges. This unnecessary and inflammatory questioning once again substantiates the anti-Trump sentiment that GOP establishment’s influence over pundits and reporters who at their behest continue their efforts to stop Trump.

Chris Wallace then proceeded to leverage his contemptuous questioning of Mr. Lewandowski about some alleged fracture within the Trump campaign.  Wallace’s question alleging that the addition of Paul Manafort as a “Changing of Guard” is snarky to say the least. It is a continued attack of the establishment to exploit any weakness alleged or manufactured to try and slow the Trump campaign.

Manafort was quoted as stating in the Trump Campaign’s press release about his duties and focus within the campaign, “As part of the campaign team, my job is to secure and protect Mr. Trump’s nomination and that is what we will do. In this regard, I will be working closely with Mr. Lewandowski and Mr. Glassner to ensure Mr. Trump’s nomination. I am honored that he has allowed me to join him in this effort.”

In an attempt to voice concern over the controversial Colorado primary surprise Donald Trump in a written opinion for the Wall Street Journal masterfully nailed the frustration of many disenfranchised voters. The GOP’s rules disqualify the voter from the candidate selection process. The candidate is not determined by the constituency of Republican Party, rather, the candidate is a coronation of the Republican establishment; “If you are not an insider then you can’t play!” The frustration of the Trump Campaign’s position certainly rings true with Trump supporters.

The United States of America was founded on the principles of God and Democracy. The whole democracy theory is subjugated when the process removes the power of the governed over the state when matters of constitutionality are put at risk. It may be time to return to a basic structure as the founders of this country envisioned. We escaped from aristocracy and we certainly don’t want to return. It is the continued political class establishment rule, whether Democrat or Republican, that risks our freedom and Constitutional rights.

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Republicans – RINOs – Agree With Obama’s Strategy – Arm the Syrian Separatist Militants

isis-beheading-soldierI can see both sides and I agree that we need to tread carefully at our upcoming military action with ISIS. While I would prefer arming the Kurds, there are reasons not to. I absolutely do not believe arming the militants in Syria is the answer either.

Like it or not the United States of America is a country founded on Judeo-Christian values and right now Assad is friendly to our middle eastern Christians. Assad also favors some kind of peace within the Middle East while he struggles to gain control within his own country. boehner-obama He may not be the best choice as a leader but at least he is a somewhat “known quantity” to the intelligence community. To potentially “rock that boat” by supplying the Syrian militants with weapons is dangerous to Israel, Christians, and the Middle East in general.

Air strikes will work – Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I hate to even mention that as proof, however tragic and a dark time in our history we have to remember that it brought about a treaty and ultimately ended the War. We have to be committed to do what it takes to keep the war away from US soil. We have to do whatever is necessary for the protection of the United States. None of this will work without protecting the southern borders and stopping the potential migration of radicalized Muslims. We must, at a minimum, erect the fence on our southern border and fortify it with state side troops. In addition, we have to get serious about enforcing the existing immigration laws – a duty that has been abandoned by the derelict, anemic excuse for a President that we have in the WhiteHouse. Without a secure border and strong immigration enforcement we, as a nation, have no chance.

McCain-Obama-GrahamFinally, can we stop calling them ISIL – John Boehner, Lindsey Graham, et al. This label emboldens ISIS and pokes a finger in the eye of Israel. ISIL describes a “post-conflict fantasy” Caliphate with Israel rubbed off the map and out of the history books. There would be no need to concern ourselves with wanting peace in Israel. No need to pressure the Jewish people to forfeit the other half of Jerusalem and return to the pre-1967 borders because with the total “erasure” of Israel the land would fall under the rule of the Islamic Caliphate – the Levant. So, Republicans – RINOS – wake up and stop playing “footsie” with the liberals and our country. sotu_mccain_graham_kerryPlaying “nice nice” with the forces who want to see the United States more “equal” with the world makes you complicit. It is a very dangerous path to chose – almost treasonist. May God have mercy on your souls – Amen.

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