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Donald Trump – Attacked by GOP

trump_2016Although it really doesn’t matter that much, Donald Trump has been attacked for just about any public statement he has made. The attacks are coming from within his declared party – The Republican Party. He has some fresh ideas on some issues that scares the left leaning moderate Republican establishment. Mr. Trump’s candid opinions on illegal immigration, China, and the shredding of the balance of power granted the Legislative branch. Specifically the relinquishment of power by the Congress to the Executive and Judicial branches is popular with many conservative supporters.

The recent disturbing events surrounding the authorship or modification of laws by the Supreme Court justices underscores the lack of will and intestinal fortitude that our House and Senate have shown. The people granted majority control of both houses of Congress on the promises that they made to protect our borders and repeal the Affordable Care Act. Mr. Trump is not alone in his disappointment with our legislators. That is why his positions are being considered by so many conservative constituents.

The pundits and pollsters that are attacking forget one major point. The right of any, I say again, any citizen who meets the criteria and qualifications for the office of President is allowed to seek that election.sotu_mccain_graham_kerry The fact that Mr. Trump seems to be promoting a Constitutional platform is a refreshing perspective to true conservative voters obama-boehner-golfand this scares the moderate John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Carl Rove, and Jeb Bush leftist moderates backed by the Republican leadership. They want to keep the moderates in power like John Boehner. Boehner and his late night, backroom negotiations, “just give ‘em whatever they want”, has got to go.

Donald Trump may not be able to win the Republican nomination, however, it is refreshing that he is in the mix because he will say what the moderates won’t. It is really a good thing to have Mr. Trump in the mix because he will keep the rest of the candidates on their toes. So the next time you hear a pundit spouting that “Trump is a clown”, just remember it is Mr. Trump’s right and duty to seek the office of President. Those pundits that are quick to judge might remember how being really wrong is a curse – Dick Morris. We all expect that having so many in the quest is probably just an orchestrated distraction and “poof” Jeb Bush will shake out as the nominee. Just don’t be so quick count any candidate out you might just get “Reaganized”.

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Where are the Moderate Muslims? A Message to President Obama from a former Muslim

Contrary to what moderate Pastors, and even the current Pope are telling their Christian followers – we do not worship the same God. We do not worship Allah as Rick Warren claims. Any distortion of that fact is just blasphemy. You have one chance to get it right and following the lead set by Pope Francis, Rick Warren and others is not the truth rather it is the deception of the false prophets and blasphemers described in the Bible. Believers, listen with discernment as the blasphemers are committing the unpardonable sin. Do not be tempted by their soothing words and political correctness.

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