The Simms Report founded by renowned author, mother, teacher and loyal truth seeker – Trudy Simms.

“My father told me 30 years ago, ‘we need to fire them all and start over’. He was talking about our Congress. He said that the American people go to the polls and vote for the same person time and again. Then they complain that nothing ever changes. Isn’t that the very definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. The America I grew up in is generous and gracious to all people…living by the adage that every man is equal in God’s eyes and the love of this Country is rooted in that assurance that we are all created by God and given those unalienable rights by him not another man or government. We have to get back to the Judeo-Christian beliefs that this magnificent Country was built on and our forefathers and fore-bearers spilled blood for. Politicians have ruined this Country. It’s not supposed to be a career, it’s supposed to be ordinary God honoring citizens who truly want to serve their Country. God bless the USA and Israel…may we never turn our backs on her.”

I hope that you will join me in this endeavor and maybe just maybe we can get our Country back on the right track.

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One thought on “About”

  1. As repulsive as Weiner’s biaovehr is, the people of his District chose him (more or less) to “represent” them. They CAN choose someone else to represnt them next time.On a scale, this is reprehensible and juvenile personal “behavior” and frankly pales in the scale of things that Congress has done, many of them during my lifetime, that have ruined this country. Department of Education thugs door-kicking? Shooting citizens in their houses? Driving people out of legitimate businesses (c.f. “raw milk” and the FDA as merely the latest “ought-to-be-an-outrage, but apparently it’s not really”). Congress has at the least enabled these abuses and in most cases compelled them. Resign? I prefer that Weiner committed seppuku, but I’d druther have Shumer, Feinstein and the rest of that lot step up to the blade first. I’d settle for Weiner’s wife publicly kicking his ass…

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