Obama ‘Tipping His Hat’ to ISIS by Calling Them ‘ISIL’ – The Details Critics are Missing

Harris-Faulkner-12The host Harris Faulkner, on Fox’s new show – Outnumbered – explained the difference between the term ISIS and ISIL, ISIS being the Islamic State of Iraq & Syria and ISIL which is the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant. Faulkner further asserts, “Obama is tipping his hat” everytime he uses ‘ISIL’ as a reference to the Islamic terrorist organization. What disturbs many is the idea that our President has incorporated the term ISIL which is believed to constitute a ‘friendly’ acknowledgement by the White House that they are the legitimate rightful occupants of the land declared ‘Palestine’ by the pre-1948 British rule. That they, ISIL – Iraq, Syria and other territory in the Levant region, which includes Jordan, Israel, Palestine, Lebanon, Cyprus and part of southern Turkey – are the nation who are rightly and justly the proper stewards of the land within those boundaries. what-is-the-levant-why-obama-says-isil-instead-of-isis-islamic-stateThey are anti-Semitic in their views and the recognition of the state of Israel and the United Nations declaration drafted in 1948 is considered invalid among ISIL specifically and Islam in general. Some have expressed the fear that President Obama’s decision to the change the label could be seen as a ‘coded’ endorsement of the actions and policies of this terrorist organization thusly – ‘a tip of the hat’. This anti-colonial view that Israel doesn’t have the right to exist as a state is an indictment that the President doesn’t believe Israel should exist in the Middle East. With the cold shoulder treatment of Israel is the Obama regime actually anti-semitic? Does Obama himself believe that Israel is the root of all the Middle East’s problems. If this were true it would certainly go a long way to explain the President’s reluctance to militarily engage and destroy ISIS. It would further explain the lack of air attacks carried out by our brave and willing military. Is the survival of ISIS a part of some larger more sinister plan? We report and you will have to decide.

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