Microsoft and Google dump IE8 – Leaves Windows XP Users With No Place to Turn

Have you noticed that websites take longer to respond in your Internet Explorer 8 browser lately? There may be a reason for your perceived “slow down”. It may not be your computer. It may not be a virus on your XP based machine. It is that simply Microsoft and Google don’t support IE 8 as of November of 2012.

Google is not supporting Microsoft’s Internet Explorer any longer. Some have suggested that Google is taking advantage of the decision by Microsoft to not support Internet Explorer 9 in the XP OS.

Microsoft has denied the installation of Internet Explorer 9 onto Windows XP even though IE 9 was introduced in 2009 while official support for the XP operating system was still in effect. This move by Microsoft has backed it’s XP users into the corner. Their move to drop support for XP coupled with not allowing the installation of IE 9 on the XP platform may be the software giant’s way of forcing users to buy the latest operating system. The problem is that there are many businesses who run a distributed system of terminal services where the upgrade path to the Windows 7 or Windows 8 is not totally hammered out.

Windows 7 is a very solid OS. Microsoft has done a great job in the rewrite of the kernel. It is, however, ironic that the uptake rate of Windows 7 was not as great as expected. This maybe the “bad taste in our mouths” that Vista left us with. Windows XP still holds a large market share among OSes. There are approximately 42.5% XP to 42.8% Windows 7 users. The market share of XP to 7 is about 50/50 quite surprising since XP has been around for 11 + years. This is a substantial portion of their OS market. But still in their infinite wisdom, Microsoft seems to want to force their users to upgrade or move on.

For those who are married to XP for at least the next few months or years it may be best to abandon the IE 8 and move to Fireox. Firefox still supports running on the XP platform. Considering Microsoft and Google both discarding Internet Explorer into the vast refuse bin of deprecated software it would be wise for Firefox to continue the support to users of XP. You may elect to move to Google’s Chrome also. For the average user this can prove to be a bit of a hassle. Forcing their users to upgrade or switch may just cause Microsoft a bit of a lag in OS sales, however, it will be brief.

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Facebook and Groupon Edge Out Business and Groups Who Favor Second Amendment Right to Bear Arms

Two Social Networking giants move to side with anti-gun groups. Their collective decision to nudge or delete members and businesses who favor legal gun ownership has made headline news today. One pro-gun ownership group has called for a ban on their service in a protest to their position that tread on the United States Constitution and the second amendment.


The tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary was a horrible act committed by a deranged killer who chose to use illegal means to secure firearms and then use them in a horrible crime. This act of terror took place in a state with incredibly tough gun ownership regulations. Any legal regulations placed on gun ownership in this case would not have prevented the mass murder of innocents as the percentage of legal gun owner acts of felony murder are a minuscule percentage of gun related death and murders are an even smaller percentage – statistically speaking.

The move to oust gun support and second amendment supporters from their membership is proving to move to the popular leftists position that more gun control would have prevented a tragedy such as Sandy Hook Elementary. The Social Networking sites certainly have a right to purge their membership if they so choose, however, there are other social media websites who would extend their services to those rejected members without any stigma attached to legal gun ownership.

This writer subscribes to such a social media service. They do not farm your email or monitor your activity in a market based way. They do, however, stand for your right to choose where you post your information. Check out meet friends  as an Facebook alternative. I am glad I did.

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