Tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary and the Implications for the Second Amendment

The recent shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary is a tragic loss of innocent life that has put this Nation in deep reconciliation and sorrow.  These despicable actions of one person are and should be met with monumental shock and disgust in our present level of enforcement of the Bill of Rights amendments of the Constitution of the United States of America.

As we revisit those acts of atrocity we need to remain focused on solving the problem - a lack of enforcement of gun laws that are currently in effect rather than allow an emotional reaction to dictate a further restriction of and ultimately abolishment of our second amendment right and duty to bear arms.  For it is this right that charges “We the People” are obligated and required by law to bear arms to protect the union from all acts of treason by foreign and domestic forces – up to and including an over-reaching Federal Government.

While proponents espouse hunting and sports uses as justification of the right to bear arms, it was the Founders’ of our country’s intent to allow and require an armed citizenry to bear arms as a deterrent to an oppressive force that potentially could threaten the sovereignty of our Republic.

All considerations of the second amendment aside, it is clear that something needs to be done about the accessibility to military style assault weapons.  Access to these weapons needs more tightening for people who cannot be responsible for their ownership.  Simple adjustments to background screening policies may be enough, however, there are some areas that could be potentially addressed:

  • Required gun safety training with gun specific training for each purchase
  • Required trigger locks as part of gun package purchase
  • Required lock box for each weapon package purchase
  • Mandatory accessory charges to owner if gun is used in a violent crime that has not been previously reported as stolen or lost

A total ban on assault type weapons is not the answer; rather, a ban on non-responsible ownership should be the focus.   If an individual wants to purchase a firearm it is his or her right to do so, however, they should be held legally accountable for that firearm’s use.  If it is stolen or lost and not reported to the proper authorities right away their legal obligation should remain in force.  If that particular firearm is used in the commission of a felony then the registered owner should be held responsible as an accessory after the fact.

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