I-1183 Again?

Last year the State of Washington voters resoundingly defeated an initiative to privatize liquor sales. I believe it was the correct decision. Apparently our State Legislators didn’t agree. Whether it’s the State or Federal Government, they know what’s best for us, WE THE (stupid) PEOPLE don’t! The ads for I-1183 are very deceiving. While not quite lying, important facts are being left out. The following text that I find troubling is from the actual initiative:

However, existing grocery premises
licensed to sell beer and/or wine are deemed to be premises “now
licensed” under RCW 66.24.010(9)(a) for the purpose of processing
applications for spirits retail licenses.
(c) The board may not deny a spirits retail license to an otherwise
qualified contract liquor store at its contract location or to the
holder of former state liquor store operating rights sold at auction
under section 102 of this act on the grounds of location, nature, or
size of the premises to be licensed. The board shall not deny a spirits
retail license to applicants that are not contract liquor stores or
operating rights holders on the grounds of the size of the premises to
be licensed, if such applicant is otherwise qualified and the board
determines that:
(i) There is no retail spirits license holder in the trade area
that the applicant proposes to serve;
(ii) The applicant meets, or upon licensure will meet, the
operational requirements established by the board by rule; and
(iii) The licensee has not committed more than one public safety
violation within the three years preceding application

In this economy many profit driven mini marts and small grocery stores will choose cash over valid identification. We see this now with tobacco. As long as you have the money, who cares how old you are.
It takes a lot more guts for a minor to walk into a State liquor store…their intentions are clear. However walking into a mini mart at night to grab a candy bar while sizing up the clerk is much too tempting and easy. Besides, being an old fashion Gal, I like the idea of the Blue Law…liquor stores are closed on Sunday.
Liquor is a dangerous drug. In the wrong hands, the results can be devastating and forever life changing. Kids aren’t drinking socially or responsibly; they are out to get drunk.
Lets send a message to the State again…vote NO on I-1183.

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